Well, in case you missed my post yesterday, over the next few months, I am going to start sharing daily short emails about my pregnancy journey.  Although this isn’t my first baby, when I was pregnant with Henry and Logan I really struggled with healthy choices.  I never exercised and ate whatever I wanted to the extreme.  Although I am in a very different place now, I am already facing challenges and I hope that these daily snippets give you insights into my REAL struggles, successes, joys and frustrations.

Journal Day 1:
Yesterday I shared that I gained over 50# with both of my past pregnancies.   As soon as I said it, I started feeling anxious.   I have already gained 7# in my first trimester.  To be fair, thanksgiving and some significant travel was in there, but still.  What if I FAIL and gain a huge amount of weight again?

But as I was falling asleep last night in my hotel bed in Scottsdale I realized I was worrying about the wrong thing.  Whether or not I gain 25# or 45# or 50# during this pregnancy may or may not be exactly in my control.  Every woman’s body is different during pregnancy.

Instead of worrying about only gaining the right amount of weight, I instead want to focus on the process and journey rather than a pass fail outcome goal.  Especially one as arbitrary as the number on the scale.  The scale won’t define my healthy pregnancy.

I will focus on things I can control and win every day.
I want to be active every day, even if its just walking.
I want to eat vegetables every day and build healthy whole food meals as 90% of my food choices.
I want to limit sugar to occasions and not let it sneak into my daily routine.
I want to rest when my body tells me to rather than push through.

These probably sound really basic.  But I like the idea of trying to stick to these daily.   I think it is good that if one day gets messed up, I can wake up and try again tomorrow.

Funny how easy it is to immediately worry about the scale.

Ok… off to day 2 of my seminar.
P.S. Write me back if you want…anytime.​​​​​