The Space Between

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Fit Me Journal October 10   It’s cold here today. I think it dropped into the 20’s last night. This morning I got up to write but for some reason just wasn’t feeling it. Since Josh is home and could stay with the kids, I decided to seize the day and do something I don’t … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 30

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Too much booty in the pants   Georgia decided last night would be a party instead of sleep.  It must be some kind of coincidence that the first night Josh is home she goes back to not sleeping.  Don’t worry, she didn’t wake him up.  lol. So one of the main things on my list … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 29

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Honey Do   Guess who is coming home today?  Josh!  In 3.5 hours, we will load up the van and drive to the airport to get him!  8 weeks have passed since he was last home.  Almost a mini deployment.  When he left, Georgia was only 6 weeks old and barely had her first smile. … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 25

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Dead Smell   It’s only 845 and Bonny already covered at least one piece of furniture with dirt and goo.   That gigantic puppy is crazy town.   So… remember 2 weeks ago when I told you about the “dead” smell under my deck…it’s time for an update. For weeks I smelled “dead animal” and … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 22

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How to: Perfect Day   So a few days ago I wrote out my “perfect day.” If you missed it, click here to read. I got a few responses that you were going to write out yours, so definitely send them to me! After writing it out, I felt great about it. But then it … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 18

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Perfect Day It’s 7:04am.  My kitchen is a mess from last night…Georgia is squeaking in my room…I’m undecided about what I’m doing this morning because Wednesdays are my “free” day.  Nothing is wrong.  Today is pretty normal I think. But last night before I went to bed I started thinking about a perfect day.   … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 16

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Not My Monday   It’s Monday.  After the week with family and all the things travel related my house feels a little chaotic.    This morning I got up early to start organizing, to do my initial pics and measurements for the 8 week program,  and to get the kids ready for school. Gonna crush … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 15

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The Itch   So I dropped off all my family last night at the airport and our lakehouse week together came to a close.  It was amazing.  We hiked, we kayaked, we laughed and played board games.  We went out to eat and shared wines and desserts.  We enjoyed our time together.  We missed Josh a ton, … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 13

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Virtual Seminar Invite   I’m headed back home today from the cabin – I’m sure Bonny, Daisy, and Dolly have missed us.   I also have a feeling my poor plants are probably super dead from neglect.    Ok… here’s the deal.  Today is your last day to sign up for the 8-week program because registration … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 12

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What If   Ok, I know most of this week we’ve talked about the Fit Me Habits 8-week program. I promise next week we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming of Bonny shenanigans, Georgia Mae stories and my crazy “boy mom” saga. But for this week I can’t help it!   Our next group … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 5

September 5, 2019
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Master Splinter   Update – the very dead thing under my deck is still a mystery.  The foul smell remains.  What isn’t a mystery is that the inspector found a rat problem in our crawl space.   Apparently master splinter and his jerk friends pulled apart insulation, covered everything with poo and pee and made themselves at … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 3

September 3, 2019
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Deck Zombie   There is something very dead underneath my deck.  I actually smelled in right before Georgia was born…and nobody believed me.   But my super preggo super hero sense of smell was right…something died under there.   And now…there is no question.   It is rank and now mere mortals can smell it too. I need it gone.  … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 2

September 2, 2019
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Kondo Kickstart   Does it count as nesting if your baby is 11 weeks old?  The boys head back to school Wednesday and yesterday I went into full clean-out mode.  I cleaned out and organized the pantry, the fridge, the freezer, my officer, the get ready room and the tv room.  I emptied all the … Continued

Fit Me Journal September 1

September 1, 2019
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foggy goggles   I’m going to be honest.  My mood is a little off this week.   This was the week Josh was supposed to have been home.   Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible with his ship obligations.   He’s been gone for 4 whole weeks now and it really feels like it.   He will … Continued

Fit Me Journal August 30

August 30, 2019
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poo-pacalypse   Happy Friday guys! A few updates: Babies will poop in the bath. Until last night, I thought it was just a myth…but I can now officially confirm it. As always, I would definitely consider this an “operator error” type event. Henry and I laughed and laughed as Georgia tooted in her pink infant … Continued

Fit Me Journal August 29

August 29, 2019
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Baby Dragon   It’s almost 7 am.  Georgia is asleep next to me.  Hallelujah she slept last night.   I’m grateful because today is a busy day.   This morning I’m headed to CrossFit. Then I have a handful of check-in calls and finally, this afternoon is my very first “session” at the hospital.   … Continued

Fit Me Journal August 28

August 28, 2019
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White Space Machine   Every week I set aside Wednesdays for catch up… I leave my schedule open so that I can do what I want and need to do. So far today, I slept a little longer and had coffee with a good friend. She brought over a cold brew and we sat on … Continued

Fit Me Journal August 27

August 27, 2019
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Matrix of Sleep   It’s been many years since I was chronically sleep-deprived.  I definitely forgot what it feels like.  Even now that Georgia is sleeping a little longer, I am still getting far less than I was before.   Before I got pregnant I was sleeping 8-9 hours/ night.   It wasn’t even a … Continued

Fit Me Journal August 26

August 26, 2019
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Long Line   I’m standing in line at the San Diego airport.  A crazy long line… the kind of security line that you see and hope can’t be real.  I walked around and checked the back and the front of the line.  I surveyed the scowling faces of everyone in line. I watched a few … Continued

Fit Me Journal August 19

August 19, 2019
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Food Prep   I did my first postpartum CrossFit workout this past weekend.  It was fun and hard and humbling.  You know that feeling when your heartbeat moves into your throat and then into your temple … super close to puke fest?   I was there. Another thing I did this weekend was food prep.  I know as a … Continued

Fit Me Journal August 16

August 16, 2019
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Magic Cells   I have 2 pieces of “debbie downer” news.  I honestly didn’t want to talk about them and sharing about poop and fires was a lot easier.    First, I found out a few days ago Josh won’t be home the first week of September like we hoped.  It will likely be the … Continued

Fit Me Journal August 15

August 15, 2019
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BBQ and Poo   Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels?  Like you put a ton of effort into something  and then the universe is like… nope, not today. That is literally me every day these days.  I try not to feel frustrated or “mad”but sometimes I just wonder, is it me? Yesterday, … Continued