Adventure today…


I’m so excited – Today I am headed to Lake Wenatchee for a week!!  

My brother and sister and their families are here and we are way overdue for some time together. We will drive the 2.5 hours into the mountains and stay in a house on the lake.  

We will be super close to a little “Bavarian” village called Leavenworth – Definitely, plug into my instagram stories to see how amazing this place is!!  

We are going to hike, play board games, eat delicious food and just enjoy being together.

This week is perfect timing for a vacay because next week I am officially starting my postpartum weight loss phase.   

I’ve been making small tweaks each week to my nutrition but am ready for some structure.    

Because I am nursing I am shooting for only 1 pound a week…but over the course of 8 weeks that would be 8 pounds. (Yes, I’m a Math wizard!)

I will be using the Fit Me Habits 8-week program as my structure and I would love for you to do it with me. After coaching this program and seeing it in action, I know it works. Check out Hannah’s progress pics below from completing Stage 1.

Here is what Hannah said at the end of the 8 weeks. “I feel like physically it’s been pretty drastic. The habits that I’ve removed or gained have been huuuuge in my daily life. My biggest take away is probably water!”

Registration for the 8-week program opens right now!

Signups are open until Friday and we start Monday, September 16… ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! My goal is 8 pounds. What’s your goal?


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