Deck Zombie


There is something very dead underneath my deck.  I actually smelled in right before Georgia was born…and nobody believed me.   But my super preggo super hero sense of smell was right…something died under there.   And now…there is no question.   It is rank and now mere mortals can smell it too.

I need it gone.  So that is my mission for today.

Wait, did you think I meant me get rid of it?  Nope…not this girl.   I’ll deal with clogged toilets, broken sinks, smelly dogs…but I’m not going down into spider city to find some mysterious dead animal.  Nope.

What I am going to do today is put the finishing touches on the kids’ back to school.  Tomorrow is the big day…bye bye summer chaos…hello routine.

We are super ready at my house.  I’m ready for kids to be back to normal bedtime… to be done with screens during the week…to have friends to socialize with… it is time.

I’m also ready to get organized for dinners and have a more regular food routine for myself.  Things are going in the right direction, but it’s time to kick it into gear.   


Until tomorrow.