Fit Me Journal September 29

Honey Do


Guess who is coming home today?  Josh!  In 3.5 hours, we will load up the van and drive to the airport to get him!  8 weeks have passed since he was last home.  Almost a mini deployment.  When he left, Georgia was only 6 weeks old and barely had her first smile.    

I didn’t talk a lot about him being gone this time.  I know a lot of you wondered when he would be back…or if he was gone?  I didn’t talk about it a lot for one specific reason.  Survival.  It was really really hard on me.  Maybe even harder than when he was gone on actual deployment.   I missed him too much and life was too challenging.

I needed to preserve my mental fortitude and resilience.    Life with a newborn and getting back to coaching full time and of course the boys and the house and the dogs and the bunny…and the rats.   haha just kidding.

I’ll be honest… emotionally, I just needed to stay in grind mode.  I didn’t and don’t have time to feel sad or lonely.

 But today he will come home and we can all feel complete again.    The boys will complain that daddy makes them do too many chores and I’ll complain that the bathroom stinks and somebody used my towel…but we will be together.  

I can’t wait. 

The boys actually slept on the couch together last night because they were so excited.  They couldn’t go to bed. 

He’s home for 2 weeks.  And my “honey do list” is long.  But more than the helping hand, I’m excited for him to see Georgia and the boys.   They are changing so fast.  Logan is almost as tall as I am. 

Ok! I’m off to feed Georgia and get ready for the day.

Wait… one last thing.   If Josh comes homes with the giant “Tom Selleck” mustache he was sporting on facetime last night, I might not recognize him… and then I’ll go back to grind mode and leave him at the airport.  Just saying.

Until tomorrow,