Fit Me Journal September 25

Dead Smell


It’s only 845 and Bonny already covered at least one piece of furniture with dirt and goo.   That gigantic puppy is crazy town.   So… remember 2 weeks ago when I told you about the “dead” smell under my deck…it’s time for an update.

For weeks I smelled “dead animal” and it was driving me nuts.  Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and called a pest guy to come investigate.   There was no way in the universe this girl was climbing under the deck to find something dead.

$250 dollars later I got the verdict.  He could not find the dead smell…but what he did find was rat infestation in our crawl space.   The insulation, vapor barrier and everything else down there was destroyed.  Plus there were giant rats, alive and dead.  Oh my god… seriously.   

Ironically though, he said didn’t seem to be the cause of the smell.  But unless we wanted a true rat problem we would need to fix it.  I had the crawl space people come and rat control…$4500 later…the crawl space is clean…the rats are being killed …and we will have new insulation, vapor barrier, etc.

But here’s the thing…. the dead smell remains.   When the rat guy came the other day to check the traps I had him investigate again.   Nope…he couldn’t find it.  He looked under the deck, on the deck in the closet… in a bird’s nest (seriously)… everywhere.   The dead smell was worse… and we couldn’t find it.   I’m 5k deep and still swimming in dead smell.  

P.S. I have super hero smelling strength right now as a nursing mom.   It is NEXT LEVEL.

So I started to accept that the dead smell was probably in the wall….some mummified and decaying animal was going to stink up my life until I hired a contractor to find it.

Cue25 Bonny.  

While sitting on the couch the other day I saw Bonny go into the deck closet.  Ugh.. she smells it…I called her inside.   Then in the evening, I caught Bonny in the closet… I called her inside and this time her face was dirty…. and she smelled like DEATH.  OMG… Bonny was eating the mysterious dead thing. 

I wash her face, put her in her crate and march out into the dark closet to find what I expect to be an epicly dead animal.  I look around and see nothing.  Then I look down.  In a small green watering pitcher is the culprit.   A few months ago I bought super nice organic plant food/fertilizer for my flowers.   I had poured the leftover into the pitcher and accidentally left it out in the rain.   I then moved it into the closet out of the rain and forgot about it.

Well…months later…this fertilizer mutated into something terrible.  Bugs and the absolute worst smell ever.   I grabbed it and threw it in the dumpster.     Dead smell gone.

I don’t even want to talk about the fact that Bonny was eating it.   She obviously likes my nice stir fry and rotting dirt with equal enthusiasm.   I guess the silver lining is that we discovered the rat problem and are fixing it.  If you want to call that a silver lining.  

So thanks Bonny…thanks for being gross …and finding the dead smell.

Until tomorrow,