Kondo Kickstart


Does it count as nesting if your baby is 11 weeks old?  The boys head back to school Wednesday and yesterday I went into full clean-out mode.  I cleaned out and organized the pantry, the fridge, the freezer, my officer, the get ready room and the tv room.  I emptied all the bins that collect paper and sorted my letter rack.  I even cleaned the garage and organized the bikes and sports gear.

I ordered 2 loads of groceries and stocked the house and put away 2 loads of laundry.   I even spent one of Georgia’s naps ripping out a massive amount of morning glory (a terrible invasive vine-y weed) from my garden.

I did a ton. 

Maybe it’s “back to school” or maybe I just need less clutter and a fresh start for September.  But it felt good.   I have one last shelf to to do today and then I’m done.

Anyone else go full ham on their pantry and house this week?  Sometimes it is very helpful to clear the clutter! 

Let me know.

Until tomorrow.