Best food


I’m sitting on the deck drinking a cup of coffee.  

I’ve got Georgia wrapped up in a blanket and all is well.   

We went into Leavenworth yesterday and had some amazing food and drink. I had bratwurst, did a wine tasting and had some handmade chocolate.

It’s funny how I feel at peace with a week like this. I don’t feel anxious that I need to blow it out before I start my “diet” next week. I don’t worry that I will have an extra 5 pounds to lose. I am at peace with doing life because I know what I need to do next.

Starting a weight loss phase is not a diet for me, It’s just a different season.  

Thinking about the 8-week program starting next week doesn’t give me anxiety or the feeling that I’ve failed.   

In fact, I created Fit Me Habits based on my real-life past experience.   

The year I lost 40 pounds I didn’t track macros or follow some complex calculations. I made a few important changes to my habits and did them consistently for a year.   

I was connected with a community of people who encouraged and inspired me. I didn’t follow a diet, I changed my lifestyle.

If you want something complicated or drastic then you definitely won’t like this program…  

I’m not going to give you a quick fix 800 calorie juicing cleanse or a giant list of bad foods.  

What I will do is bring you along with me as I do all the basics again – We’ll clean out pantries, eliminate junk, make healthy meals, drink water, exercise, work on mindset and support each other.

I plan to start my weight loss season Monday. Do you want to do it with me?