foggy goggles


I’m going to be honest.  My mood is a little off this week.   This was the week Josh was supposed to have been home.   Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible with his ship obligations.   He’s been gone for 4 whole weeks now and it really feels like it.   He will be home on September 30th…but that feels pretty far away.   I guess it is… another 4 weeks.

Sometimes I think deployment was easier.   Knowing he wasn’t coming home felt more consistent.  Hoping he is coming and then it changing or not working out is more of a roller coaster.  I don’t like it.

When I feel off, it really changes my perspective.   I’ll give you an example.  I got a text from Kaitlyn, (Fit Me Nutrition Coach Kaitlyn).  It said, “You will never believe the 3 texts I just got this morning.”  My heart immediately sank because I thought it was something bad.   I waited as the 3 blue dots on my iPhone showed me she was typing.

She forwarded me 3 amazing and happy texts from clients.  All feeling awesome, making progress and excited about the future.

Dang… it hit me like a ton of bricks.  My mood funk was altering my perspective.  I was looking for bad.  UGH!!! I hate it when that happens.  I probably have been doing it for a few days now and not even realizing it. Telling myself false stories and rationalizing why people or circumstances or whatever make everything hard.  No… it’s just me.

I don’t know that mood funks are avoidable.  They are going to happen.  I consider it growth that I can even detach enough to see it for what it is.   Here is what I am doing… and what I have done in the past when my mood tells me false negative stories.  I NEVER alter course.  No quitting things, no big decisions and no stagnation.   Learned this the hard way, btw.

Times like these are the perfect storm of “I can’t do it,” or “It won’t work,” or “Everybody sucks.”  Lies… all lies.   Keep moving forward with little steps until the fog clears.   Don’t believe the lies.

This sounds corny, but literally attach yourself to people that can see clearly until you can.  Friends, workout buddies, mentors, family…people you trust.  Wait…do they suck too?  Yeah that is more lies.  Just your messed up perspective.

Does this ever happen to you?  Do you ever catch yourself feeling bad and then realize your funk has altered your frame on reality?  You literally look for things to make you feel down?

Let me know.

Until tomorrow.