Can I have those ropes?


I still have some of my makeup on from yesterday. I got most of it off but can’t seem to figure out how to get the eyeliner off and not screw up my lashes. So I’ll just keep it for another day. It looks good anyway.

So the photo shoot in Seattle went great and was so much fun. Georgia was pretty perfect too, and despite a little rain, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I wore 3 different outfits that all felt like me. First was a ribbed white tank with some sporty underwear. Coffee was my accessory in the picture. – of course it was. 

Then I did a hiking jacket and boots. Also fun and simple.  I did some nursing pictures with Georgia.  And then last was a sports bra with leggings. I brought a dumbbell and some battle ropes to the shoot and used them in the last look.

I think that downplays how those implements and baby Georgia actually got to the photoshoot though… so let me explain.  Because there was a Seahawks game yesterday and parking would be tough, my friend Sarah and I chose to park about a 1/2 mile from the downtown shoot location at a nice parking garage.

I had Georgia’s large stroller, which I loaded up with a 30 pound dumbbell, Georgia’s diaper bag, extra boots and a rain jacket…and of course baby Georgia. Then Sarah had my full size roller suitcase (with my clothes and hats) and a gigantic black battle rope looped around the handle.

We pushed and pulled the stroller and suitcase down some epic Seattle hills and through the downtown streets.  Seattle has a fair amount of homeless people, and the battle ropes were quite the conversation starter. Then, at the very cool photo shoot location (an old building with tons of exposed bricks and beams), we carried everything up 2 flights of steep wooden stairs to our destination.  

Workout part 1 done. We then did it in reverse after the shoot. The only difference was, workout part 2 was in the rain. 

I know for some people that might sound like a “literally” burdensome experience…but it wasn’t.  It was great. It was a mini adventure.  A day to remember.

I can’t wait to see the final pictures and share them.

I put a few behind the scenes sneak peaks on my instagram story…as well as some pics of our transit journey!  

I wrote down my feelings about the shoot in my instagram post yesterday.  So click here to read it.  

Until tomorrow,