Chokes and Arm Bars


My mood is off.   I don’t know why.  Could be that I’m tired…could be catching a cold…could be it’s been too long since Josh has been home.   Not sure.

Yesterday the boys had their very first BJJ tournament.  I’d say it went well.   By luck of the draw, Henry ended up facing the best person in his bracket in the first match.    He hung in there for the entire round despite being pretty dominated…but unfortunately losing this match kept him from moving forward.   He was held in a choke for almost a minute and didn’t tap.   Super stressful for me to watch.  He is tough as nails.

Logan also lost his first round, to an arm-bar submission, but then had a second match and won.  Logan ended up in third place.

I was disappointed for Henry that he didn’t get another match.  But sometimes tournament brackets work out that way I guess.   My favorite part of the entire day was watching the boys together after Logan’s loss.   Logan was upset.  He was trying to not cry.  A few tears snuck out even though he was trying to hide it.    Henry had already lost his round and their coach Joe was talking to them both.  Henry sat next to Logan silently and then put his hand on Logan’s shoulder and gave him a few reassuring pats.  

He didn’t know I was watching.

I loved seeing him be concerned and kind to his brother.   A glimmer of hope that the endless brother bickering is only surface level.

On our way out, Henry proceeded to try to steal Logan’s medal and made a point of being extra difficult in the van.    Balance I guess.  Georgia earned her own award for the day because she was basically perfect despite the noise, sweaty hot auditorium and long car rides.  

It was a really good day overall and I’m proud of the boys.   That definitely isn’t why my mood is off.   Hmm…. maybe I feel bleh because it is Veteran’s Day?  In case you are new to the blog, I am a Navy veteran and my husband Josh is still active duty Navy and stationed 3000 miles away from us.   He only gets to come home occasionally.

That’s probably what it is… not Veteran’s Day specifically… just a holiday in general.   Friday nights and holidays are the hardest times for me.    And maybe today is hard because of all of the attention on the military.

Ok… well I think I am going to go to CrossFit class.  I don’t feel like it, but I know I will feel better after.    


Until tomorrow,