Time Warp


Josh comes home today.  We will head to the airport in the new minivan around 5 tonight.  He has been gone for exactly 4 weeks to the day.

He returned to his ship when Georgia was 12 days old.  And now she is almost 6 weeks old.  I can’t wait for him to see her.  She has changed so much.  I’ve been waiting patiently for her first real smile and I’m hoping it will be this week while he’s home.  I don’t even mind if he steals the first one.

I also can’t wait for him to be home with the boys.  They need some daddy supervised projects and some daddy enforced chore time.

He will be home for a week and then we will do the same cycle again.

These past 4 weeks were truly a time warp.  For example, an hour to get ready sounds like endless time…then as I juggle feeding Georgia, dressing her, feeding again, changing her, getting myself and the boys out the door, changing again, it is not even close to enough time to get ready.

My speed feels normal but when compared to the external world, I am moving so slow.

It’s bizarre for me.

Not too long ago I remember bragging to a nutrition client that I only needed 5 minutes from waking up to get out the door.  I could shower, get dressed, grab my food and leave.  I wasn’t exaggerating.  It is one of my transferrable skills from my time in the Navy.

It’s like a funny joke now because it literally takes me days to wash my hair.   Haha.  Not days once I’m in the shower…days to make it to the shower.

To be honest, the silver lining on the time warp is that the weeks without Josh felt fast and more bearable.

So let’s see, I have 6 hours before we need to go to the airport.  That sounds like just enough time to get us all dressed, fed and ready.  If I’m really moving fast, I’ll even brush my teeth before my husband comes home.

Until tomorrow,