Pee Party


Georgia is 5 weeks old today.   Logan, my oldest, has been very interested in helping with his baby sister.  For the past week or so, he has helped me get her dressed for the day and ready for bed at night.  I’ve taught him how to change her diapers and get on her onesies.

Yesterday morning while he was changing her diaper, I ran upstairs to grab a new outfit.  On my way back down the stairs I hear him call, “Mom, Georgia peed.”

No big deal, I think to myself.
“Just wipe it up, I’ll be right there,” I said.

But as I approached the changing table, I see the extent of the pee situation.

Baby Georgia Mae is literally covered from head to toe in pee.  Her hair is soaked, body is covered…everything.  Perhaps only her face escaped.

I’m not even sure how a little baby could pee soo much or how Logan was able to dunk her entire body in it.    I think pee-magedon likely happened because he was on strict orders not to move her from the changing table or walk away.

He attempted to contain the pee with 1 clean onesie and 2 fresh diapers.  Not even close.

It was pretty funny…Ultimately, Logan got to help with bath time and all was well.

It was actually a beautiful Monday morning with my kiddos.

Until tomorrow,