Fit Me Journal July 17

Circus Van


Georgia is 4 weeks old and Bonny is a bad to the bone teenager puppy.   Shortly after I came home from the hospital with Georgia, Bonny grew about 3 inches and realized she can “get things.”

Out of nowhere she started breaking into the trash and helping herself to things on the counters.   After a week or so of cleaning up garbage I ordered some child locks and was very pleased to have successfully installed them on the trash cabinet.  It only took one mulligan lock to get it right. lol   Not too bad considering my commitment to no measuring and no templates.

Thank goodness I invested in training for Bonny otherwise she would be an unmanageable giant fluffy horse dog.   But thankfully she knows what to do and listens when you catch her in the act.   So really she is a sneaky teenager, pushing the limits when nobody is watching, but a solid B+ student otherwise. lol.

Last night I did something I thought I would never do…

I test drove a minivan. 😳

About 2 weeks ago I realized that even though I am perfectly content to drive my jeep… I literally cannot fit all my people and animals into it.   That makes it sound kind of like a circus car…which has some truth to it.  But if you figure, 3 kids, an extra adult (nana or josh), sports stuff, Bonny, a stroller, thousands of snacks for my boys…my weightlifting gear… there just isn’t room.

That doesn’t even count Daisy (my old lab) and Dolly (the rabbit)….
they don’t get to come most places.

So my vehicle search has begun.  I’m hoping to find a solid enough deal that I can keep the jeep and just add a family wagon on to our driving options.

Anyone else surrender their “cool mom” pride and opt for a minivan? I need something versatile enough for a newborn girl, 2 pre-teen boys, and a sneaky teenage Bernedoodle puppy. lol

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  Yes, SUV’s are awesome too… I used to have a Yukon. But for features and price minivans seem to be a better deal.