Bugs and bears


I guess we had an earthquake last night.  I didn’t feel it because I was exhausted.  Of all the hours in the night I am awake with Georgia, we were asleep at that particular moment.

I’m from the East Coast so this is officially my first quake.  It’s funny how different #crazynature is depending on your coast.   Out here the scary stuff is fires, wind, earthquakes, mud… on the East Coast its hurricanes, tornados, giant thunder storms.

Wait… there is one more crazy thing on the East Coast…BUGS.  During my second year at the Naval Academy we had one of those biblical cicada events…I guess every 17 years these crazy things come out of their holes in the ground…fly around buzzing and reproducing and then leave their exoskeletons everywhere.  Crunch.

If there is some kind of bug invasion that comes every 17 years out in the Pacific Northwest I don’t know about it.  Someone should tell me though so I can mentally prepare.

What if it isn’t bugs… what if its bears…or big foot?

I think the sleep deprivation is making me crazy.
I need a nap or more coffee.

Until tomorrow,