Fit Me Journal July 1

Life has leveled out. I know not in the world, but at least in my house. Josh started back to work this week and we are in the first few days of our new “regular” routine. His first 3 weeks home felt more like a vacation. He had to self-quarantine before reporting to his new office, so we had lots of time. We did projects, talked, laughed, and hung out with the kids. Even though Georgia just turned 1, this is our first time living together as a family of 5.

Now he’s back to work. But he comes home each night, and are family is so happy, so all is well.

Well-ish right?

I mean the world is so hard right now…very emotional and intense. 2 weeks ago we lost a beloved family member and we can’t go to the funeral in San Diego because of COVID and the military restrictions. I have 2 dear friends who’ve lost family members lately and COVID made things 10x harder. That just scratches the surface.  

Last week my coach (yes coaches need coaches) asked me…”How do I take care of myself emotionally? Experience all the feels? Process the ebb and flow of this season?”  

Good question- I guess I talk to people I’m close with to process things. But sometimes that feels like a luxury and I don’t always do it.

I told him I used to write this journal. Writing helped a lot. I cried more last year writing this my fit me journal then anyone knows. But it was mostly good tears. Feeling all the things tears. Release tears.

But I don’t write very often anymore. I say, I “can’t” because of having a young baby and because of my Coffee Talk Podcast. But the truth is, I “don’t.”

Even though it is good for my mind and my soul, it was pushed lower down on the priority list. Isn’t it crazy how even if something is good for us and we know it, sometimes we still don’t do it?

Do you have anything like that for you? Something that is good for you in an important way, you are fully aware of it, but you still don’t do it?

Well, writing is that for me. So here I am, showing up a month later since my last journal, on yet another day 1, committing to do something I know I need to do.

I have no doubt you know what this is like…feeling embarrassed to step into working out for yet another day 1…attempting to shop for healthy foods for yet another attempt at cleaning it up.

So because I can apply insight from those other areas to this…and because this applies to you too… Just know- It’s not that we can’t…it’s that we don’t. And only one thing has to change to break that slump… re-order priorities. Show up regardless of its perfect and especially if it isn’t as good as it once was.  

That is literally the truth of this journal… these words are too long and fumbly because I’m out of practice. Some people will literally unsubscribe from my life as I rebuild this blog. That’s a funny thought. But I guess some people might unsubscribe from your life too as you rebuild what is good for you. 

But that’s ok, we can do it together. No judgment.   

Until next time.