Final chance…


Today is it. The last day to sign up for this round of Fit Me Coaching. When signups close, for the first time ever, I will close entry into Fit Me.  I know it will re-open at some point, but 1000% honestly, I’m not sure exactly when.   

I’ve received a few great questions about the program and I thought they might be helpful for you if you are on the fence.

Will the price of the program be going up in the future?

I can’t say it will never ever change, but $74 month is not an intro discount. That price was specifically created to be affordable for you year-round and at the same time deliver exponential value on your investment in coaching. I wanted to shatter the standard on what a coaching program should look like.   

I like the idea of the group, but I really need 1-1 support.

The old coaching model and what you will find everywhere else is 1-1 coaching OR group coaching. We are offering something groundbreaking and totally new… and better. You are getting 1-1 support for your individual needs and goals, while at the same time building a foundation of habits and community with the group. Every member of Fit ME Coaching is assigned a coaching partner and your Fit Me team of coaches will use every tool in our arsenal to help you achieve your goals.

Are there really limited spots in the program?

Yes, because of the high touch involvement with your coaching partner and coaching team, we have capped the number of participants. The program will expand in the future when we bring on additional coaching partners. We have 9 spots remaining today and I am 100% sure they will all be taken.

I want to do it, but I’m not sure about the year commitment?

If you are new to Fit Me, you may want to see what we are all about. We opened entry into the 8-week program specifically for this purpose. You can try it out for 8 weeks and then decide if you want to build on your progress with our full program.  

If you are not new to Fit Me and are unsure about the commitment…maybe it is a heart to heart you need to have with yourself. What is holding you back from deciding you are worth it to commit a year to the change you want? Is fear of failure stopping you? Mentally you don’t have to already be there yet… that is part of the process too. You only need to decide you are willing to step out on a limb and trust me.

9 spots remaining and registration closes. Click here to secure your spot and let’s do this thing together!! 

Until tomorrow,