Do you hear the people sing?


2 days left.

That means today I am supposed to apply some super fancy sales leverage to spur you into action.

Good thing I don’t like sales and am not very good at it.

I don’t want to trick you or manipulate you into joining this movement. I want you to see yourself and what you need and decide for yourself.

No amount of features or perks will matter, if you don’t know deep down this is what you are looking for.

So…instead of convincing you, I thought I would share the Fit Me’s values. I spent a lot of time lately thinking about why we are different. Why the people that join us are different.  

Here are the Fit Me Values:


We will present ourselves, our methods and our results in a genuine and authentic way.

This will allow for true connection, individual growth and will disrupt the inauthentic and problematic fitness social media space.


We will communicate without judgment, show up fully and push forward together.

This will create a safe space for genuine relationships, create momentum and we will thrive in a team atmosphere.


We will develop and practice habits in order to succeed in the face of real-life trials.

This will create a foundation of physical, emotional and community strength.

Nothing sexy or salesy there….in fact, this email is the opposite of sales, because now I’m going to tell you who we aren’t.

  • We are not a quick fix challenge that will sell you on dramatic results and manipulated before and afters.
  • We are not going to “up sell” you at every stage of your journey confusing financial investment with success. In fact, we made it less expensive.
  • We are not going to manipulate your emotions by linking your current position to a lack of willpower or commitment.
  • We are not going to create competitive games that drive up sales, but set you up for a crash and failure after completion.
  • We are not going to teach you strategies that have you eating out of a Tupperware for the rest of your life while your family eats junk food.
  • We are not going to tell you its ok to rely on convenience trash food as long as if fits your macros.
  • We are not going to ask you to demonstrate your resolve by skipping birthdays and special occasions.
  • We are not going to let you achieve your goal weight and skip over the mindset and body image work you need to be happy.

We are not going to pretend we are a perfect fit for everyone. In fact, I am more certain than ever that we absolutely aren’t. 

So with that, if you want to be a part of this…of a movement of people creating a new normal. Click here. 

Until tomorrow,