Brain Fog


I think I have brain fog.   

More than one time recently I’ve been unable to recall someone’s name that I know.   I stare at their picture and their name just isn’t there. 

I’m guessing it is sleep deprivation.  We are still struggling to build a sleep routine that works.   But right now, I’m not feeling successful.

I’m not sure why it is so hard with Georgia.   She just struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep, both for nap time and when going to bed.   

Could be the chaos of a house with two older brothers, 2 giant dogs and a mom that can’t stop won’t stop.  But I might be starting to lose my mind.  She’s a good sleeper when she is being held…hence the dilemma.

To be honest sleep deprivation is starting to feel normal and that is scarier than the brain fog.   I know all too well from a coach’s perspective what it looks like when someone lets feeling crappy become the new normal.  I don’t want that.

Maybe that’s why I’ve struggled to write lately?    I know these journals have been less frequent and that bothers me.  Don’t you hate that feeling when something you like doing, that you know is good for you, starts to slip?  You think about it, dwell on it, mentally resolve to get back to it…but then just don’t.


My writing time is early… before the kids wake up….before my brain starts moving at light speed.   I feel clear and honest and able to verbalize my thoughts.  My wacky sleep schedule has really impacted that time and put tar on my writing boots.

I’m not going to make some hollow resolution about setting my alarm to get back to writing every day.   I’m really tired and I know I need sleep.   But just know, I miss writing.  I miss interacting with you over email and I miss getting thoughts out of my head. 

I can’t be my best self in writing these days.   That feels frustrating…but I know is likely just a season.

Until tomorrow,