Happy Normal Day

I did this thing I do sometimes.  I write a journal, get 2/3 of the way through and then delete it.   Not because I hate it… but because it is surface-level reflections.   They are meaningless….even to me.

Writing is a funny process depending on my state of mind…sometimes I can get right to the core, and other times my mind feels covered with layers of nonsense and normal.  I have to peel back the layers to get somewhere real…something worth reflecting or considering.

It reminds me of good conversation.  Even when you are talking to yourself, it requires a warmup.

We are at the halfway point in Josh’s visit home.  To say it’s been nice would be an understatement…the normal is special and I love that.   Cooking dinner together, sitting with the boys, cuddling Baby Georgia, getting ready for the day, cleaning up the day, talking about the house… it all feels so good.

Funny how acknowledging that “normal” feels good is just another way to express gratitude.  I am grateful for all of these moments because we are together and healthy and happy.  But my brain just did a back flip…. is my life without Josh normal too?

Maybe it could be.   Nearly 21 months apart we’ve all adapted in different ways.  We’ve had to.

Am I sufficiently grateful for our time apart too, those normal things on normal days?  I doubt it.   The chaos of my days roll together in “anticipation of…”  Can’t wait until…, Won’t it be nice when…Hurry up, let’s go….We’ve go to do…   

I’m not discontent….just busy….just juggling…just waiting for our family to be whole.

I admit, I’m in a never-ending pursuit to see the present more clearly.

I’d like to celebrate the normal a lot more…the way we do with birthdays, holidays, family get-togethers.   

Maybe I’ll make, “Happy Normal Day” cards.   Send them to people, send them to myself.   

I’m going to do it.    Having Josh homes this week is a beautiful reminder of how sweet normal is.    How beautiful togetherness is.

Happy Normal Day!   I’m off to chase my beautiful boys to brush their hair and teeth, pack their backpacks and catch the bus.  I’m off to get dressed, feed Georgia and tackle my day of “to do’s.”  I’m off to share a cup of coffee with my husband and breath in the normal.

Until tomorrow,


P.S.   Want to celebrate some Happy Normal Days with me?