Fit Me Journal – Day 3

House of boredom


Are you bored??

Well apparently if you lived in my house you would be.   My boys have been telling me non stop that summer is boring…and they have nothing to do.

Part of it surely is that I have a newborn.   I can’t take them to do quite as much right now.  I am in mandatory chill mode.
Also, daddy left to head back to the ship…so they have more time on their hands now that forced labor is over.  LOL.

But the biggest factor is they don’t know how to be self entertained.  They demand constant activities and I refuse to give it to them.

I tell them to read a book, work on a project, go explore the yard, play with Bonny, help me around the house, or write dad an email.

And you know what they do?

Fight over who’s turn it is to play Fortnight.

Then I eventually tell them to turn off the screens and do their chores or play legos and they act like I ruined their lives.

Then.. in what seems like the universal kid retaliation for injustice, they eat everything they can find in the house, leave a trail of mess in every room, and amp up the fighting.  Eat-Mess-Fight rapidly escalates like a tornado of disruptive chaos, until I lose my shit and either punish them or give up and let them have screens back.

I need real solutions.   I am never going to be able to facilitate some complicated summer strategy of stickers and rewards.    We will do a week or 2 of camp to be sure…but what else can we do that will keep their attention for more than 30 seconds?

Here is a list of things I did during my summers as a kid:

~Wasp Killing Club (seriously…lol)
~Trips to the library (It had air conditioning and we didn’t)
~Endless hours of playing catch with my brother
~Street Tennis
~Writing songs/things in a journal
~Playing guitar
~Running through the neighborhood with friends
~Rollerblading on our porch
~Slip and Slide
~Act bored… lol

Some of these translate for 30 years later…but the boredom happened first…then I figured out what to do.  That is the bridge that is broken for these boys.

Mommy masters…send me your wisdom.

Until tomorrow,