Fit Me Journal Day – 1

Baby Georgia is here


I am sitting on my bed.  3.5 day old Baby Georgia is asleep in her bassinet next to me.

I just ate what I am calling “first breakfast” and am drinking a giant bottle of water.  I’m still using the hospital water bottle. I like the bendy straw so decided to bring it home.  The boys and Daisy are asleep out on the couch and Bonny is marching around the house squeaking a stuffed toy.

Around the house are small piles of clean laundry, baby clothes, last day of school items including a giant cardboard and milk bottle castle, and miscellaneous madness.

It is all perfect.

She is perfect.

Georgia Mae Campbell was born Tuesday afternoon at about 330 pm…just 5 hours after the hospital started the Pitocin.  Although I think I had been in early labor for days..or even a week…that last little bit was an epic ride.

For both Logan and Henry’s birth I had an epidural to manage pain.  This time I went without.

The short 5 hours from starting the induction to actual delivery was a mixture of laughing, focus, breathing, pain, delirium, adrenaline, joy and human connection.

Actually none of those words seem to do any of it justice.

And now we are home.  It’s been over 8 years since I had a newborn so I am learning all over again.  My body feels sore and tired but honestly not too terrible.  I am hungry and thirsty and just standing or walking around feels like a workout.

——Baby Timeout——

Georgia woke up.  I fed her twice, changed her twice, dressed her twice (bc poop explosion)…and now she is passed out on my chest.

—-Writing Continues—–

Other than just staring at her, my favorite parts so far have been watching the boys and Josh fall in love with her.  We have cuddled up numerous times on the bed and on the couch as a new family of 5, to touch her, smile at her, study her and love her.

My heart is full.

Speaking of full…the grumbling in my stomach tells me it’s time for second breakfast.  Thank you so much for all the texts, emails, messages and support.

I recorded her birth story if you want to hear more details.  Here is the youtube link or you can find it on my instagram.