Award for breakfast


Last night was the first night in a while I got dishes done and coffee set up before I went to bed.  This morning I woke up to the kitchen not being a mess and coffee only one push away.   YES!  On top of that, I ordered groceries last night, and they will be here at 9am.   Another big win! 

 I like to give myself notable praise for mundane and ordinary tasks.  It’s not just house stuff, I celebrate even the smallest workout or good meal choice.  I often put it on instagram.  Celebrating little wins is something I do all the time now.  It’s like a defense mechanism for the opposite which is to never be good enough…and stall out in failure.

Last night is a good example.  My nutrition is only ok right now…not great.  I am slightly better than survival mode.  Why isn’t it perfect?  I’m a nutrition coach?   The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got.  I should prep like 50 meals, go get fresh veggies every day and get on a food schedule.  I imagined this epic thing that I “SHOULD” do.  If I was doing those things maybe I’d already be back to my pre-pregnancy size by now.  (Irrational thought)

Those thoughts made me feel defeated, because I’m honestly not able to do all that at this point.  I’m still adjusting to juggling baby Georgia, the boys, coaching and all the things…and without Josh.  It’s still really challenging.

But then I looked at my plate… 3 chicken thighs and 2 pieces of toast, and mentally celebrated the protein on the plate.  Good job me for cooking some protein before bed.  And there is enough left for one meal or a snack tomorrow.  Win. 

I forgot about the epic plans and the feelings of not enough and celebrated the one little thing and moved on.  

Celebrating little wins is a habit I worked at.  It didn’t come naturally.  But improving or making changes isn’t about the big promises or dreams…its about the little tiny repetitive actions that add up.  Because I know that, I make a point to celebrate when they happen. 

So to the outside world it may seem silly to celebrate a 1 mile walk….again.   Or boring to see my 1 millionth picture of kale and eggs for breakfast.  But what the world doesn’t know is I am practicing.   I practice celebrating little wins to enforce the habit.

So that when mind sprials like last night start, and I start feeling defeated about how far there is to go….the habit is there…one little win at a time.

Until tomorrow,