Fit Me Journal August 7

Don’t Worry


Last night Henry wanted to help with Georgia’s bath.  I told him in addition to helping me, he could be the bath DJ…he loves music.

So he comes in a few minutes later with the phone and starts playing a version of the “Don’t worry be happy” song.  What a nice choice I thought to myself.  A few seconds later, the lyrics of the familiar song change.  Let’s just say, the version Henry found was next level explicit.  I’m not going to tell you the lyrics, but wow.

I laugh to myself thinking about the picture of us…cuddling on the bed for family time, getting 7 week old sweet Georgia Mae ready for her bath and listening to “F* these B*’s, don’t worry be happy .


I quickly turned off the song and then reevaluated for the 10th time the parental settings on the shared kid phone.   I swear I’ve checked those settings so many times.

DJ Henry needs a mom approved playlist.  So that is on my list for today.  I wouldn’t want Georgia’s first word to be F*.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Muscles are so sore from Day 1 and Day 2 of Reset…

in a good way.