Sugar lies


I know I am probably jinxing it, but Georgia has started sleeping in much larger chunks.  The past few nights she slept from 1130pm until about 430am.  I set my alarm for 3 just to check on her…To be honest if you gave me the option to check on her every 20 min, I probably would do it.  #momlife . I guess technically I have that option but you would see my transition from sleep deprived human to full blown zombie.

Well the first day of my 7 day reset was yesterday.   Doing the mental work in the morning was magical.  I felt energized and refreshed.  But the ditching sugar part was much harder.  Afternoon sugar cravings are rough.

I hate that feeling.  You are “hungry.”  But nothing healthy sounds good.   You feel like ice cream or cookies or candy will actually make you full.  Lies…all lies. lol

The real brain bender is when you feel tired.  Because then not only does sugar sound good as a snack but you also rationalize it as a pick me up.   Even if you know you will crash after, it still seems worth it.

But luckily I had thrown my favorite cookies and all other tempting treats to the back of the deep freezer, so I made it through the afternoon, and ultimately the entire day sticking to the plan.

Welp…off to do my mental reset stuff for the day and then get ready for an online interview.  I am interviewing someone on postpartum depression and adding it as bonus content for my Fit Me Pregnancy/ Post Partum program.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from the Fit Me Pregnancy program, here is the link.  It also could be a great gift.