Kick my own butt


I dropped Josh off yesterday at 5am.  We won’t see him again until the first week of September.  It was fun for him to see how much Georgia changed… it will be fun in September too.

She had her first real smile last week so his visit home was perfect timing.  She smiled at me once or twice, but her favorite thing to smile at is this big black shelf on my bedroom wall.  She loves the contrast of the black against the dark gray.  The shelf wins.

With Josh home last week, I decided it would be my last week of more relaxed eating.  I am ready to dial in my food choices and cut out some of the “passes” I gave myself during pregnancy and these last few months.  It felt appropriate then but now I’m ready for the next season.

I know my body needs time to lose the weight gained in pregnancy, so I am willing to be patient.  BUT…I have to do my part.  And to be honest, summer doesn’t make it easy.  I’ve had far too many sugar treats and lazy eating days.  That isn’t doing my part and weight loss and feeling good isn’t going to magically happen.

Bodies actually don’t like to change by the way.  They like homeostasis….status quo.  That’s why it feels so hard to lose weight or for some people gain weight…your body wants to stay at its set point.   Honestly I haven’t seen many physical changes in my body in about a month.  I’ve been tracking with measurements.

So my body might think it likes this set point…but I don’t.  My clothes don’t fit and I don’t feel as confident at this size.  Plus my knees hurt with the extra body weight.  Mentally and physically it is weighing on me.  Status quo isn’t going to work for me.

You’d think I could just snap my fingers and magically eat better, but it doesn’t work that way for most people and certainly not for me.  There are a few key changes that must happen first.

So anyways, I wrote a 7 day Reset Plan and I am going to be implementing it myself this week.  Simple but important changes I really need to make.   And as I’ve told you before, simple doesn’t mean easy.

I know it will be a good jump start for all around better choices and honestly I think it will help me feel more in control.  Nothing makes you feel out of control like too much sugar and junk.
I’m definitely ready to kickstart momentum.

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how my reset Day 1 went…and it will be available for you next week if you are feeling the same way I am and are ready to change gears.