Happy Friday guys! A few updates:

Babies will poop in the bath. Until last night, I thought it was just a myth…but I can now officially confirm it. As always, I would definitely consider this an “operator error” type event. Henry and I laughed and laughed as Georgia tooted in her pink infant tub. The bubbles were so so funny… and her face each time was priceless. Until the 5th toot wasn’t a toot. 

I had to give her a bath after her bath.  

Next update…

I am so sore. This week I did two CrossFit workouts and I really feel it. It is actually nice to be a little sore…and I’ve missed that physical high you get from a hard workout.

Want a simple butt kicker you can do this weekend? Here is a good one from the Fit Me Habits 8 week program.

5 Rounds For Time:

5 Pushups

10 Burpees

15 Reverse Lunges

20 Jumping Jacks

Last update….

After my trip to San Diego, I realized the obvious. Postpartum is hard. Haha obvious right? Wonder how that occured to me flying through the sky with a baby strapped to my chest and a drink and laptop balanced on my legs.

But really…returning to exercise is hard, nutrition is hard, nursing is hard and the logistics of life are hard….especially returning to work.  So I decided to add a postpartum component onto my pregnancy program. I have literally never seen this available except in the form of a really good doula.  Many  think women just need space during this time period, but it is actually an incredibly challenging time of transition. Physically, emotionally and logistically, women deserve support!!

So… I made something to meet the need. I’m now offering a lifetime access program that includes my pregnancy program, 3 months of 1-1 postpartum coaching, and when she is ready for weight loss… both of the Fit Me Habits 8 week programs.  

And she can re-use this sequence over and over again for as many kids as she has, at no additional charge. Seriously.

This program fills in a big gap! But I need your help. 98% of you aren’t pregnant. But maybe you might know someone who is.  If she would benefit from this program, please pass this email or my contact info her way. All the details are on www.fitmepregnancy.com 

O.k. off to stretch these sore muscles and cuddle baby Georgia,

Until tomorrow,