Baby Dragon


It’s almost 7 am.  Georgia is asleep next to me.  Hallelujah she slept last night.   I’m grateful because today is a busy day.   This morning I’m headed to CrossFit. Then I have a handful of check-in calls and finally, this afternoon is my very first “session” at the hospital.  

I will be the guest expert on fitness and nutrition in pregnancy and postpartum.   Every 2 weeks I get to talk to 10 or so pregnant women right around 14 weeks and answer their questions and concerns.  I’m so flattered and grateful for the opportunity because I had such an amazing experience at this hospital. Now I get to give back. 

O.k.- scratch that, Georgia is awake now.  I am nursing and typing. #momlife.   She is really funny because she is always super grouchy when she wakes up.  I think it is a glimpse into a personality trait.  

She is fine and smiling only 2 minutes later, but she tends to wake up annoyed.  Right before her eyes open she sticks her bottom lip out and furrows her eyebrows.  Then she grunts and rolls and scowls.  Then when she wakes up, she looks at me like it’s my fault.  lol 

 I’ve known a lot of people like that in my life.  My sister and my husband for starters.  I think there are just certain people that need a few minutes when they wake up before they engage with the world.

I am not that way at all.  I wake up and 99% of the time I am totally good to go.  Not appearance-wise haha… just emotionally.     It’s just the way I am.  

Are you a morning person or are you more of a morning dragon?  I say dragon because based on my movie and tv impressions of dragons, they tend to be mean and scary at first and then ultimately end up as happy companions. 

O.k. off to cuddle my baby dragon.

Until tomorrow.