White Space Machine


Every week I set aside Wednesdays for catch up… I leave my schedule open so that I can do what I want and need to do. So far today, I slept a little longer and had coffee with a good friend. She brought over a cold brew and we sat on my bed talking to and cuddling with Georgia. In a little bit, I will take the kids and Bonny to the beach for dog training. I may run an errand and I will definitely get some computer work done. It is my day for whatever.

This is called “white space.” Blocks of time on my calendar reserved for freedom. At one point this kind of time midweek was a dream. If only I could do that…. or one day I need a day like that. Then one day, like all changes, I just decided to do it. I blocked my calendar off on Wednesdays. It became sacred. The only time I deviate is when I travel.

It’s not that I don’t ever work on Wednesdays. Sometimes I do. But I’m not obligated is the key.

I find I need a balance between efficiency and white space. Filling my calendar with appointments and obligations is easy. Scheduling nothing is hard. But when I don’t have it, I don’t feel as productive or focused or deliberate.

Do you need some “white space” in your life? Do you create boundaries and then stick to them? Or does everything you need to blur into what feels like a mandatory “must do?” I know one thing for sure. If I didn’t schedule this in, it wouldn’t happen. I would 100% fill the day with best intentions…. haha.

Do you want a boundary like this, what is stopping you from acting on it?

Until tomorrow.