Long Line


I’m standing in line at the San Diego airport.  A crazy long line… the kind of security line that you see and hope can’t be real.  I walked around and checked the back and the front of the line.  I surveyed the scowling faces of everyone in line. I watched a few brave people try to get to the front only to be told it is the REAL line and to go to the back.  

So I followed them.

Georgia is asleep… strapped to my chest with a black and white zebra ergo.  I dressed her in pajamas so she would be warm enough on the flight.  After 5 days in San Diego I’m exhausted.  I wish I was in pajamas with her.

The pace of the weekend with family and the conference was pretty nonstop.  But Georgia did amazing.  She didn’t even make a peep when I gave a talk on Saturday morning.  She was strapped to my chest, just like she is now.  She helped me feel brave though as I spoke in front of a room of amazing coaches.  

Other than fatigue, I feel pretty good.  It was almost a joke how much I drank all weekend.  Wait that sounds crazy…. not alcohol, water.

With nursing, my thirst is next level.   I’m glad I’m already back in the routine of drinking lots of water because it made it a lot easier to keep up with it on travel.  It always stinks to come home and feel tired and dehydrated.

I always apply a 1-1 rule, if I get 1 coffee, I get 1 water.

Btw, that’s a great rule for alcohol too.

Ok, It’s our turn to go through security.  Wish us luck that Georgia sleeps on the flight.

Until tomorrow,