Fit Me Journal August 19

Food Prep


I did my first postpartum CrossFit workout this past weekend.  It was fun and hard and humbling.  You know that feeling when your heartbeat moves into your throat and then into your temple … super close to puke fest?  

I was there.

Another thing I did this weekend was food prep.  I know as a nutrition coach I should food prep all the time, but since I work from home I generally don’t have to.  BUT…add a new baby into the mix and nursing and my time just evaporated.  So food prep is now mandatory. 

Plus after completing my second round of the RESET program, I feel motivated to keep up the momentum.   I cooked pork tenderloin in the instant pot…shredded it then froze it.  I did carne asada on the grill.  And I did turkey breast and potatoes in the oven.  Rule of 3 works great for meal prep.  3 meats, 3 veggies.

I bought a bagged kale salad too, and made that to go with all the meats…but then proceeded to eat the entire thing before it made it to the fridge.  I ate it from an extra large mixing bowl, with a wooden spoon.  Like a giant.

So I am prepped and ready for the week, with the exception of some hard boiled eggs, which I plan to do today.   I have improved my hard boiled egg skills btw… in case you missed my less than helpful informational video from a few months back.  For your viewing pleasure here.

Do you need some ideas for busy weeknight meals?  Let me know!!

Until tomorrow,