BBQ and Poo


Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels?  Like you put a ton of effort into something  and then the universe is like… nope, not today.

That is literally me every day these days.  I try not to feel frustrated or “mad”but sometimes I just wonder, is it me?

Yesterday, only seconds sending you the email about having a white quilt, I spilled cold coffee all over my bed, Georgia’s pack and play and the carpet.

The carpet was professionally cleaned the day prior due to dog smell and general grossness. 

Which by the way, is why I didn’t have a bedside table.   I moved all my furniture…hence precariously balanced coffee.  It was a ton of effort to move the furniture from a room I basically live in with the baby.

Then this morning I woke to a stinky smell only to find out that Bonny had an accident in her crate.  All of her bedding and her freshly groomed body are covered in poo.   I got her groomed less than one week ago.

I saw are because I still haven’t dealt with her yet… just half the bedding.

It’s definitely funny how often craziness happens these days.

Last week my big garage freezer was left open and I lost all of my stored breast milk..any mom that has ever pumped feels this pain.

AND…I had to cook all the thawed meat which i included 6 steaks.

That evening I proceeded to TORCH those steaks because my grill caught on fire.  They were so black and inedible I couldn’t even feed them to the dogs.

I know these are not big problems.  I’m grateful that these are more like bumps in the road…but seriously… I feel like I am just lighting money and time on fire. 

Poof… BBQ’d into ash… just like my steaks.

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  When the carpet cleaners were here, their van caught on fire.  Like could have been a huge thing.  Guess I am contagious.