Dirty paws white sheets


I am sitting on my bed nursing Georgia.. my all white bed.  Yeah, can you believe that? I have an all white quilt and all white sheets.  2 boys, 1 baby girl, 2 dogs and I went with all white.  I think its a good example of one of my dominant personality traits..  I am eternal optimist.  I always think best case scenario.

There is a saying that your greatest gift is only one step away from your greatest curse. That is very true for me in more ways than I can count.  

Let’s just say the first time Bonny the Bernedoodle puppy jumped up onto my white bed with dirty brown paws… I was surprised and mad.   How could this happen? HAHA of course it would happen.  But even that doesn’t tend to bust my outlook on the future.  I washed my quilt and re-dressed my bed.    Bonny will never do that again.  haha

Resilience and madness only an eyelash difference.

On another note, I want to fill you in how my RESET is going.  I’ve mentioned it a few times.   I went through the 7 days once just to test it, and now I am repeating it one more time to really cement the changes.  

The RESET challenge has 7 guidelines that you commit to hitting for all 7 days.  First,  I committed to no sugar or alcohol.  This was hard because my snacks had become sugar based over the past 4-5 months.  Chex, popsicles, cookies…etc . You get the idea.  All of those – gone.   Then after having Georgia, I was excited to have drinks again.   But what should have been an occasion became a drink or two every night to wind down.   – now gone too. 

The first few days were hard.  Lots of cravings.  But I dutifully did the mindset work included in the RESET.  It sounds so simple, but wearing better clothes, making my bed and setting aside quiet time for me was just as hard as ditching sugar.   Sweating wasn’t hard for me…but the commitment to the RESET made me do it on days I didn’t feel like it.  

So now day 3, into my second RESET week I feel SO MUCH BETTER!  It is such a relief to take back control.  My meals have improved exponentially  and I am reciting some of the program mantras in my head.  I feel ready to dial in my nutrition more and don’t feel so frustrated.

This probably sounds insane because I wrote the program.   Christy, of course you love your program. But I am thrilled with how simple and effective it is.  The 7 day reset is 1000% times better than some complicated fix or unhealthy cleanse.  

You see… just like the optimism/ curse gift… I apply that kind of self awareness to other things.   I think my crazy life, sugar cravings, physical fatigue and even body frustration could be a curse…but only one step away is creating a realistic and effective program that helps me do better…and feel better.   My gift.  And I can share that with you.

So I spent all last week and weekend putting this program together for you, with support materials and a coaching call.  Literally if Georgia wasn’t attached to my body, I was working hard on writing workouts, a pantry clean out guide, a social even survival guide, phone reminder graphics and videos.

If you are fed up with sugar and alcohol or just need to regain control mentally, I hope you will do the RESET with me.   It’s only $17…. less than a super-pack size of paper towels.   I definitely needed it for myself.  And it will be my “go to” system for the future when I need it again.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Here is the link for the reset program.  At a minimum, watch the video so you can imagine me setting up the green screen in my bedroom by tying it to various pieces of furniture and then recording the video while Georgia batted and kicked rattles and bells on her play mat.