Sugar Goose


Georgia has had a series of rough sleeping nights.  Last night she did pretty well and slept from 1230 to 5.  The sleep deprivation is starting to impact my brain function though.  I can’t remember certain words.   I forget things I’ve said to people.  It’s like I’m a tiny bit drunk.

Speaking of alcohol, I finished my 7 day reset.   No sugar and no alcohol for 7 days, plus a handful of mindset resets and hitting a sweaty workout every day.  I feel a lot better not being dependent on sugar.  Alcohol was also becoming a 1 drink per night occurrence and it felt good to nip that in the bud.

Did you know that for almost my entire life, I thought that phrase was nip it in the butt?


I imagined a duck or goose or something biting someone right in their butt.   How does that make logical sense?  It doesn’t.  But probably up until 3 years ago, I thought that was the phrase.

Yup….some poor girl was headed in one direction until that mean ass goose jumped out of the bushes and nipped her in the butt.

Course altered.

Anyways, now you know how my brain works…. I liked doing the reset so much I am going to do it again this week.   I don’t really believe I  truly kicked that sugar habit and I finally seemed to have busted through the weight loss plateau I was stuck at for a few weeks.  So why not repeat with a handful of friends who wanted to do it too.

If you are feeling like sugar or alcohol has become a too common thing for you, or you feel like your mindset needs a good reset, you should join us.

If not, beware of the butt biting sugar goose. haha

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  Here is the link to join the reset challenge.