Start your new fitme lifestyle in 3 steps. 

Step 1: If you haven’t already,

watch this 2 min video

Step 2: Tell us more about you

If you’re ready to feel and look healthy in your skin and clothes, ready to enjoy different occasions without having fear around “messing up your diet”, and learn habits that are going to stick for life, then please answer a few short questions so we can know more about YOU

We will review your application and if we feel like you’d be a good fit, our enrollment coach will reach out to schedule a call with you.

fitme isn’t right for everyone.  But, if we aren’t 100% sure we can help you, we will help point you in the right direction.

Step 3: Submit application and schedule your call!


Our promises to you.

You can feel safe here.

We promise to never manipulate you.  We will not leverage your insecurities or desires with fear or scarcity style tactics.  We know that asking for help is a huge step and you can trust us to honor that request by showing you how to move forward and giving you ownership over every step.

It's not the wrong time.

The people in fitme have a lot of life going on.   It’s exactly what we do.  Illness, injury, family challenges, vacations, job changes, kid life.  It’s the real deal.  We show you how to achieve your goals amidst real life.  Your situation isn’t too complicated.  You don’t have too far to go.  We got you!

Online coaching works.

If you’ve never done a virtual coaching program before, don’t worry!  We simplify using online tools so that even the most tech-challenged person can be successful.  We have a staff support person specifically to help you get set up, troubleshoot challenges, and remind you if you forget how to do it. 

You will fail sometimes.

This is not pass fail.   Unlike diet culture, we aren’t looking for 30 days of perfect.   We want to help you with what’s hard, make individualized solutions and help you when you stumble.  By definition, that means some days won’t be perfect and that’s ok.  That’s why you are doing this.  It is a zero judgement zone!

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