After a season of relaxed tracking during my move,  I buckled down on my macros and have been focused on cleaning things up.   I diligently hit my numbers for 3 weeks straight with no deviation.

I’ve only had 2 drinks in the past 3 weeks which is a substantial decrease.

But, 2 weeks ago, I decided I would buy some dark chocolate chips.

I keep them in the fridge and thought they would be a good small treat.  1 TBSP at the end of the day.

There isn’t anything wrong with some chocolate chips at the end of the day.

But then I started doing this weird thing.   I would diligently account for my food all day, and then do my planned 1 TBSP or chocolate chips… but I wouldn’t measure them.

So what right?  Ballpark tablespoon.  Nothing wrong with that.

But it was definitely deliberate.

And then I started having more than a TBSP… for sure more.  But didn’t track it correctly…
meh… ballpark 2 TBSP’s.

Then what was supposed to be an end of the day treat, became a mid-afternoon snack.  And I would get 2 or 3 TBSP’s…and only ballpark track it.

It sounds so dumb.  But it started to derail my focus.   Because I was fudging this one thing… it started bleeding over into everything else.

Telling you this feels funny to me because I was barely telling myself.

But I want to tell you the problem with what I was doing… and it’s not the chocolate chips.

I was lying to myself.

I was breaking a promise to myself.
And nobody would know or care but me.

Being honest with yourself isn’t easy.
Not when you aren’t being successful.

Maybe chocolate chips seems silly, but the small things count.

Maybe you have something you lie to yourself about?   Maybe you do something that derails your progress but choose to ignore it….fudge it a little because it doesn’t matter.
Alcohol, budget, sweets, reps, workouts…
These are things we lie to ourselves about.
As I’m writing this I wonder if you will judge me…
I honestly would rather not even tell you this.
Now I will be forced to either measure my chocolate chips or get rid of them.   😜

Buckling down on nutrition goals after a season of loose tracking isn’t easy… not even for a nutrition coach.

But the core of it is being honest…being honest about what is hard…. and addressing it.

Hope this “honest share” is helpful… write me back if you want to get something off your chest.
Happy to listen and there will be no judgment.