Fit Me Journal July 8

Yesterday I got a DEXA scan. What’s that? It’s basically like an X-Ray that tells you your body fat percentage. But it is super accurate and breaks down exactly where your muscle and fat is located. Right arm – 8.2 pounds of muscle and 2.1 pounds of fat. That kind of detail!

So needless to say at 1 year postpartum, post 4th of July weekend, post 1 month of Josh being home and enjoying family stuff, I’m not where I want to be yet.

I have a full 12 pounds of fat to lose. The good news though is I am 6 pounds of lean body mass heavier than I was at my last DEXA, 5 years ago. That’s a plus for calorie burning. Wait, does that mean I am 18 pounds heavier than my last DEXA 5 years ago? Yup- burn.  

So what’s the point in telling you? Well, a few reasons. Fitness influencers and Instagram models make people, even me, feel like I am behind. Like I should have already transformed back to my lean mean pre-pregnancy body. Nope, not yet for me. Still working on it.

Most importantly, I want you to understand why I got the scan.

You can have information and still be kind to yourself. Information tells us important things. Think about it, without this information, I might have believed that I need to lose 18 pounds to get back to where I used to be 5 years ago.

But that isn’t accurate. I would like to lose 12 pounds of fat and retain the 6 pounds of muscle, I put on. So really, to be at an even better body composition than 5 years ago, I would actually end up 6 pounds heavier on the scale. ?

I also got the scan because information is reality. In diet culture, pictures, body weight, fitness assessments are used to shame you and make you feel bad enough that you are motivated into self hate action. That sucks.

So we hide from the scale, avoid tests that give us information and shy away from pictures.

But the truth is, if we are working on transformation, self improvement or a specific goal, we can’t stick our heads in the sand and not have information.  

Information helps us measure if our efforts are working and if we need to adjust what we are doing.

For me, information is a reflection of this moment in time. It shows where I’m at. I got pregnant, gained 40 pounds, lost 32 of those pounds, then gained 5 back.

Oh wait- weightloss isn’t linear. Even for me. Losing a large amount of weight almost never is.

So here is where I go from here…and I’ll keep you posted on exactly what I’m doing as well as my update scan in 6 weeks.

#1. I’m taking a break from alcohol. It will be difficult to lose the body fat with drinking, so I’m going to limit it to special occasions only.

#2. I’m adding in some conditioning work on top of my 10keveryday and CrossFit stuff. I’m going to use my rowing machine and shoot for a 5k, 5x/ week.

#3. I’m upping my consistency on the Fit Me 100 plate challenge from 1/ day to 2-3/ day. If you aren’t in on the plate challenge, hit reply and I’ll fill you in.

#4. I’m going to drink all my water. Not just some days, every day.

#5. Bye bye junky snacks that crept in.  More protein, more veggies, more real food.

That’s it.  Those are the strategies that work…but the most important thing I want you to get from this email is to take back the power of information.

Diet culture doesn’t get to shame you into sticking your head in the sand.

It’s ok to pick the information that works for you and that might not mean getting on the scale very often. But don’t be afraid to reframe how to use measurements, pictures, and even body fat measurements.  

If you need help figuring out how to use information, without feeling crappy about it, hit reply and fill me in. I’ll help you.

Until next time.