By Molly Shea


As I’ve gotten older and I’d like to think wiser, it becomes more and more apparent that we are never done. We’re never done learning, we’re never done changing and evolving, and we’re never done growing. When we’re done—we’re dead.

I always had this belief that at some point I would get to the end of a topic. I’d have a thing and I’d be the knower of all things related to that thing. I’ve never actually had a thing in mind that I’d like to be the knower of all things about but I figured that’s how life works. Reading those words aloud makes it sound kind of silly to me but that was how I saw life. I guess you’d call that a fixed mindset. Honestly, it wasn’t just fixed, it was cemented to my feet, holding me down. It was a belief that I never really thought about at all. It “just was”.

How many things in your life “just are”? Are you “just not a good runner”? Are you “just too busy right now”? We tell ourselves these lies so that we’re okay with not trying. We accept these things as truths that are unchangeable. It’s more comfortable this way but it’s all for naught. FACT: Life IS uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be. Just as we’re not meant to be a sedentary species, we’re meant to have a constant impetus for change. We’re supposed to be  ever-moving, ever-evolving, ever-growing organisms. The cave folks didn’t question this, it just was. It got warm in the summer and they hunted and gathered and filled their bellies during the long days. When it rained, they sought shelter. When it got cold and food was more scarce, they chilled in caves and didn’t do a whole lot. This kept them alive through the changing seasons. They got sick of raw meat and figured out fire. That was awesome for making food more tasty and for keeping their caves warm. The point is, change occurred and they adapted. It’s in our genetic makeup to continuously adapt. We haven’t lost that ability, we’ve just attached way too much meaning to the concept of change. We’ve paralyzed ourselves with the thought of it.

Our world is constantly changing: ever-shifting political atmospheres, changing climates, growing children, changing jobs, moving locations. We get ourselves all amped up. We say, “Change is scary.” Hell, I’ve said that exact same thing at least 3.2 billion times (give or take 2). Change isn’t really what we’re scared of. Discomfort is what we’re scared of. Putting ourselves out there, failing, shit we’re even scared of succeeding. What happens if I actually pull this off? We generally don’t think that far ahead and that scares the crap out of us.

No clue who said this and I’m gonna rip it off anyway–The difference between courage and bravery is that courage is not being afraid of something and bravery is being afraid and doing it anyway. I’ve decided to be brave. Life scares the ever-loving shit outta me on the reg, but I’m gonna rock it anyway. Join me. Let’s be brave together.