Alli’s Story

Let’s start this off with the truth, I LOVE FOOD. I love pizza, I love cheese, I LOVE WINE. I have spent many years trying different diets on and off with some great successes and somewhere I fell completely on my face.

When I was younger, I spent most of my time being very active, running races, thinking a 6-mile run was just fun, competing in tough mudders, warrior dashes, running track and playing field hockey in high school, orange theory fitness and my favorite, CrossFit.  For most of my college years, I was able to maintain my weight due probably due to a strong metabolism and high activity level.

But in college is where the cycle of dieting first started.

Stress, alcohol and late night binges became normal and the weight started creeping on. I decided to try weight watchers and at first, the weight came off easily. Eventually, though, progress slowed. I was hungry all the time and felt so restricted in what I had to eat. Even healthy foods completely depleted my “points” so I would limit myself to extremes.  I eventually gave up and just decided to increase my activity level.

After college, my activity level dropped.  I found myself sitting at my desk all day every day. The pounds just started accumulating. At this point, I decided to start counting calories. I gave myself a whole whopping 1200 a day since that is always what I read on the internet was the healthy amount for weight loss. Yet again I found myself hungry and restricting myself and completely exhausted every time I went for a run. So eventually I gave up.

Over the years that followed I began doing Crossfit, other exercise programs and tried other diets including RP.  Although I experienced periods of success the weight just kept coming back on.  I was in a yo-yo cycle.  Unfortunately, I ultimately hurt my back.  I  herniated a disc and had sciatica and completely stopped all activity.  I was in a lot of pain and went back to old bad eating habits. Over the next year, I gained a significant amount of weight and hit the heaviest I had ever been.  I just gave up.

Slowly once I started feeling better I started counting calories again, only to get frustrated and noticing I was severely limiting myself from most foods.   I switched back to trying RP again since I had such great success before, but it didn’t work.  I have even tried calculating macros on my own but with no long-term success.   With so many diets, I just felt tired and run down.  Finally, I made the decision to get my health back and get into a routine again, so I reached out to one of my former CrossFit coaches, Christy.

I have never before had an experience like I have with Christy, she really listened to my concerns and the struggles I had been through before figuring out what would be the best path forward to getting back on track. She made slow changes, so not to completely overwhelm me in the process.

Come to find out I had not been eating enough food for the whole time I had been dieting.  My body was never telling me I was hungry, I could go hours and hours without eating, I was barely sleeping through the night, drinking very minimal water.

Christy helped change all of this.

The first step was learning how to eat again, I never had a diet where I got to eat so much food and not just food but CARBS, oh delicious carbs, it was crazy that I had to re-teach my body that yes its okay to eat bread and yes you should want to eat meals and your body should tell you all of this. The first couple weeks was me just getting back in tune with my body and really learning to listen to the signs. Then I started the process of tracking my food, increasing my water, tracking my daily body weight to further learn the fluctuations it goes through and tracking my sleep. Every day I got more familiar and more comfortable with what food I was grabbing because I saw how it directly affected my body.

I have never once felt like I was on a diet, this has felt like positive long-term life changes.

I have really started to understand my body and have accepted that I am okay with a slow change.  It took me a long time to get to this point.  I have to be patient to get back to where I want to be.

I have been working with Christy for about 5 months now and I have lost almost 15 pounds, have gotten a regular workout schedule back and am starting to feel great.

I have had so many non-scale successes along with scale successes. It is still a struggle, I have bad weeks but Christy has even helped given me skills to work past those weeks and to not get caught up in it and fall back into old habits.  I love the changes I have been seeing and am excited to see what the next couple months bring me!