5 Workouts You Can Do at Home!

Going to the gym, or hitting a workout class is awesome!   But what if your day gets derailed and you don’t make it to the gym??  There are lots of things you can do at home to get a great workout! And you don’t need any equipment!  Just your body!


Here are 5 options of workouts you can do at home!  Scale as necessary and its ok to repeat them and make them harder as you go!

Legs of Steel

Every 2 min for 12 min (6 total rounds)

:30 Wall Sit

:30 Squat Jumps or Air Squats or Squat to chair

:30 Burpees

:30 rest

Core Some More

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 min

:30 Pushup Plank Hold ( to make harder only use 3 points of contact, to make easier- use elevated surface)

15 V – Ups or Sit-ups

25 Mountain Climbers (Every time your right foot is up is 1 rep)

5-10 Push-ups (Choose the amount that is best for you)

Chip Away

Complete as quickly as possible, resting as needed

80 Jumping Jacks

60 Plank Shoulder Taps

40 Alternating Lunges

20 Burpees


*To add difficulty add 10 squat jumps at the top of every min starting at 1:00.

 Push It

Emom 10 (Every min on the min for 10 min)

10 Lateral Bear Walks (Shins and back parallel to the ground)

5 Pushups

5 Burpees

Booty Dance

(Pick your favorite song on your phone….approximately 3-4 min long)

10 Glute Bridges

10 Glute Marches

10 Supermans


Continue until the song is over !

Have fun and post any questions to the comments!