At 12 days post-partum, I am definitely NOT ready to start actively trying to lose weight.  But as I sit and cuddle my new baby girl, I am considering how I want to structure my weight loss plan (when I am ready) and HOW I will measure progress.


The scale can be helpful as a tool. But it can also be a source of stress!


I hear it all the time…You work hard for a week straight and get on the scale and it hasn’t budged a pound!!

Or you go to the gym every day, nail your nutrition goals and holy crap it’s up 2 pounds!!


I know the days ahead will potentially have these frustrations… frustrations that might threaten my consistency…..SO…


I want to do my post-partum rebuild and fat loss efforts SCALE FREE!

In a few weeks, I’ll give you details on my fat loss plan, but for now, I’ll tell you how I will measure progress.


1. Tape measure to track chest, waist and hip size change. (Weekly)


2. Pictures with a coach’s review (neutral perspective) to track body composition change. (Weekly)


3. Pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy clothes try on. The first milestone will be getting back into late first-trimester size, the second milestone will be back in pre-pregnancy shorts. I carry weight in hips and thighs so shorts are a good clothing benchmark for me. (Monthly)


4. How I feel in my skin. General fulfillment and confidence assessment. Measured by emoji 😃😊🤪😐🤨🙁😡🤬 (Daily)


5. Body signals aka biofeedback. Energy… digestion….hunger….sleep….stress levels. These signals tell me how my body is responding to my efforts. Happy body=happy metabolism=fat loss. Who cares is I lose fat if I feel like garbage, can’t build strength or bankrupt my milk supply!(Daily with a journal).


There are other ways to assess progress, but these are my plans so far.


Do you get sick of the scale sometimes?? Maybe you can use these as you go to either on the regular or during those seasons you need a scale break!


Let me know if you want to use some of these with me!!