Round 3

I’m sitting in my pjs.  Pj’s plus Uggs of course. My 4 year old Uggs are my winter footwear staple.  Slippers and every day shoes.  I’m relaxing on the couch thinking of the things to do today.

I’m gonna be honest…having a little bit of an internal battle between cleaning house, doing laundry, getting some strength work done… or….sitting on the couch this morning and binge watching a show.

Mentally and physically I am a little tired this weekend.  It’s been a busy few weeks and I feel like I’m having a little fatigue rebound.  I also haven’t heard from Josh much over the past few weeks….which is hard.

As far as deployment goes, we are starting the third lap.  Not going to lie, any of you runners or CrossFitters out there know what I mean… lap or round 3 is always the hardest.   You are tired and still have a ways to go.  Mentally and physically it is the most challenging.

Round 1 you are fresh and full of energy.  Everything is new and even though it may be hard or uncomfortable, you are ready to get started and that enthusiasm makes round 1 easier.

Round 2 is like settling into a rhythm.  Time speeds up and you just breath and move.  Your body and mind are still sharp, you just go one step at a time.  You feel optimistic and confident.

Round 3 is different.  You start to get tired, and the end still feels far away.  Even when your body still has stamina, your mind starts to get in the way.   That little voice in your head starts to challenge your pace or your ability.  It starts focusing on what feels hard or painful and points out how many steps you have left until you finish.

Mentally and physically it is the hardest.   That is now.  Strangely my time doing CrossFit and working out gives me reference and truly applicable coping strategies.  No thinking about the end.  Just push those thoughts away and focus on the next thing….one repetition at a time.

Round 4, well that is the final lap.  Renewed energy kicks in because you can see the finish line.  Adrenaline and the knowledge that rest and recovery is just around the corner pushes you to pick up your tempo.  Round 4, you are tested and confident.  Almost there, almost there.

Looking forward to round 4.

Until tomorrow.