Push to that Rock

Mentally I play a game…. It has always helped me do things that feel hard.   I break the “thing” up into manageable bites and then repeat that interval.

I mentioned this to you once before in regards to dishes.  I only pick up 10 dishes at a time… leave the rest and then come back.  It works for laundry… fold 10 at a time and then come back…It even works for fitness….10 wall balls at a time and then come back.

But… for deployment…or even my pregnancy this is a little tricky.   Months feel way to big…and days…well yes, I take things day by day but that doesn’t give my brain the satisfaction of manageable bites and checking off little victories.

I find for these larger timelines… I need events.  I focus on the next event on my calendar…prepare the best I can…enjoy it… and not think too far beyond it.   Then when its over…pick my head up and choose another.   This strategy is making time much more manageable.

Right now my event is Henry’s birthday.  Birthday dinner is planned, party invites are sent… And next week we celebrate my little guy turning 8!

All I know is when that event is done, it will be February… a few weeks closer to having Josh home and a few weeks closer to baby girl’s arrival.

If you have a big goal, or a little goal… try this strategy.   Last weekend  I challenged some friends to push a heavy sled sled a fairly far distance.  When they were getting frustrated, I told them to focus on the next little milestone on the road.  Push to that rock… push to that street sign.   Instead of feeling defeated, the tone changed…
“I can push to that spot.”

Do you have a big goal or something you could break up into smaller bites?  Do you give yourself the little wins of reaching tiny milestones.  If not, you are missing out.  It makes big goals doable and makes the journey more enjoyable.  Tell me what feels overwhelming for you that you can break into smaller bites!

Until tomorrow,